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    being in New Zealand, most of the websites I visit and email addresses I use end in ".co.nz" and the blackberry always automatically capitalises the "NZ" part - so every email I send displays like so: person@company.co.NZ, is there any way to stop this? I have tried to add a lowercase "nz" to my custom dictionary but it tells me "this word already exists!" which is untrue...
    03-28-09 12:08 AM
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    I dont like this either - the way I do it which is silly but it works especially when I do the facebook status from my home I will put

    Ii then just delete the capital in the front - Aye - I know this might not help you. I am not sure if there is an app or workaround since it only takes a second to do I just do it the silly way...... Maybe someone will help us both here

    Not sure why the auto text is not working for you either..... I just tried it on my phone and it worked fine..
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    03-28-09 12:16 AM