01-24-09 04:09 AM
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    I don't no how to PM from wap

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    01-23-09 12:04 AM
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    I don't no how to PM from wap
    I never use wap so I can't really help you there.
    01-23-09 12:06 AM
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    Thank god for Copy n Paste

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    01-23-09 12:14 AM
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    Having been involved in a similar situation, not personally, but a friend was involved, I would tell the police. See my bud got involved in a thing, over a set of golf clubs, got them back, and didn't tell. The same group in like a month or so ended up moving up the crime ladder, and killed a woman.

    The guilt my bud has felt, as he feels responsible, is a heavy burden to bear. Yes he got his stuff back, and decided not to tell the cops, and now, his feeling is he should have and may have saved a woman with 2 kids life if he had. Yes you can argue he may have lost his life instead all day long, but having to live with the thought of 2 young children without their mother has been driving him crazy. If he had turned them in, it may have stopped a horrible crime later, no way of knowing for sure, but he is in counseling/therapy over it, as it is just eating him up inside. Is a set of Callaway Golf Clubs, or your BB worth that? I tend to think not.

    And I agree, reporting it stolen, and then getting it back this way, well, your asking for trouble. I would for sure cover my a$$ in any case, as Police Depts tend to frown on this anywhere in the US, and as you are apparently using the phone, well, you could end up with a lot of hassle on your end. Whether it is a "Felony" kind of thing, I tend to doubt, that is one for a lawyer. But it is LEGALLY, as you reported it stolen, being in possession of stolen property, and could have ramifications.

    And not sure what kind of job you have, but in CT, where I work, it could lead to the denial of my "State License" needed for my job, which could put me out of work, and on the unemployment line. Not a happy thought either, I know, but this pesky guy at the bank likes to be paid every month, and I enjoy having groceries on the table, so not a chance I would take.

    I would turn the lil S.O.B.'s in.
    01-23-09 01:03 AM
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    Stop snitchin! You got your phone. Worry about you

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    01-23-09 01:54 AM
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    You're using a phone you reported stolen. You never reported it recovered. At the very least, it looks like you filed a false police report, which is a crime (with variable penalties, depending on state). You could be looking at a fine of ~$1000, if nothing else.
    01-23-09 02:02 AM
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    The only thing required for evil to flourish is for good men to stand by and do nothing.

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    Couldn't have said it better myself

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    01-23-09 06:50 PM
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    Stop snitchin! You got your phone. Worry about you

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    What are you 12? So does that make the police a bunch of snitches because they tell the district attorney?

    The fact is these people invaded someones personal space. What is now to stop them from moving on to breaking in to someones house? Whether you got your phone back or not you have an obligation to your friends to help them. That is what a friend does.

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    01-23-09 09:52 PM
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    Yeah so i completely understand both points here and still haven't reported it yet... which isn't to say i won't

    I think i may go talk to the school officer who is a nice guy and probably understands the situation with the gangs at the high school better than I do.

    The gym is actually a community rec center so there are enough people there that if a few leave you won't notice but few enough that when the 3 kids went in the locker room they were alone to steal. And at the time of the incident there were more Latinos than Caucasians there at the rec center so you wouldn't just notice them as its a common sight.

    Can anyone help me figure out if the cops would help me in this situation? Maybe by saying they got the tapes from the rec center or actually getting those tapes. I'm worried the cops aren't too worried about this small crime and won't do much to find out who it is or to protect people involved.

    Would they plan out something so that the thieves would think it was a different reason they got caught? Or would they get up and go get the kids the second i tell them who it is?
    01-24-09 02:04 AM
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    Dude enough already you gotta do one thing or another. But to ask advice what the popo gonna do? come on already. They wiil take the report. If they know the names of the indviduals they will Q? Them. If not they will keep an eye out. You can make a statement and testify or make a statement but not testify! So if you aint ready to go fullboard with this. Move on add a new luacher or app to the BB. Download a new song, get a grl, pick up handball, do something man. You killing me here....

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    01-24-09 04:09 AM
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