1. btk's Avatar
    Hi all. Quick Question.

    Would like to get the invisibleshield but I am concerend that it will mess up the screen / leave a sticky residue if I ever decide to remove it. Any experience / thoughts here? Thanks much!!
    05-25-08 05:38 AM
  2. Go Blue's Avatar
    Invisible Shield (Zagg) leaves absolutely no sticky residue on the screen or the device. If / when you remove it, it comes off easily and leaves the device completely clean. The only thing I have observed is that over time (after 6 or 9 months) some dirt may start to accumulate at the edges of the film where there is wear (like from putting device in case or holster repeatedly), but that comes off with the skin and does not stick to the device. I have had IS on 3 BB's, 3 Treos and an iPod. Only had to remove it from 1 BB when the device was replaced under warranty, and it came off cleanly. I can highly recommend IS. There are others out there which I can't speak to because I have no experience with them, but no reservations about IS.
    05-25-08 07:09 AM