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    Hey guys and gals. I don't usually post much, but I wanted to share my thoughts today. I've been using Blackberry devices for a few years now. Storm, Storm 2, Torch 9800 and curently using both 9810 and 9930. On a few occations I've been tempted to give up at least one of my lines for either an Android device or Windows 7.

    Over the last couple of days I came very close to getting either a Samsung Galaxy III or HTC Titan II. Somehow, I keep liking the Titan II more. Now, after massive online research and using my friends Droid 1 and 3, plus trying out other models like the Droid 4, Razr Maxx, Bionic, Thunderbolt and other androids. I've come to the realization that Android is just not for me. It is sleek and shiny, highly customizable and has an emense library. there is not a question that there is a lot going on. Maybe just a little to much for my needs.

    The Windows 7 phones are elegant, different and pretty neat. However, you need Zune and can not upgrade past 16 gigs of storage. I do like the ecosystem with my windows platform. There is a lot I can say, but it has already been said by all. With Windows 8 around the corner, I am taking a wait and see approach. I think if RIM were not around, this would be my go to platform.

    iphone is out. My wife has two, the 3gs and the 4s. I really don't like either one to much. They don't suck, on the contrary. The iphone is a wonderful piece of technology. I just can not warm up to them. Great camera though. Funny, This coming from a Mac user and supporter of over 25 years.

    Blackberry, for me this is an old pair of jeans that fits right. As phones, they have never let me down. Texting, email, BBM, banking, music, navigation, ease of use etc. Mostly a great experience. Have there been issues? Of course, but my wife's iphones and my friend's droids have also had issues. Machines made by man will always have issues.
    Bottom line, I don't want my blackberry being an Android, WP 7 or an iphone. I could have bought those and been done with it. I (as do many on this site) love the familiar look and feel of my BB device. Keep improving a great platform and I'll keep my gun holstered by my side as always.

    I have faith in RIM as I did with Apple toward the end of the 90's and am proud to own and support the Blackberry platform.
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    Perfect example of why people will wait for BB10
    07-09-12 02:12 AM
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    What you said is so true.
    The Androids have great visuals and are fun. The iPhone, I don't hate it, but it doesn't work for me, despite having a Macbook and liking it a lot. I just don't like getting locked into any ecosystem across all devices.
    I make a lot of calls and emails and for that the BB works perfectly. Great call quality.
    And for someone who primarily uses his Cell phone as the main mode of communication the BB scores huge. Fast, efficient dialling. Email is no nonsense. I don't want/need pretty emails showing pics. Email in my work is a tool for communication and since I'm on the move a lot I need to get it done quickly. I hardly ever find myself sitting and emailing over coffee etc. It's mostly done while walking into or out of a customer point. It just needs to be done before I reach my car.
    BB is great and I would wait on a BB way of working. Just the though of having to switch to Android etc gives me the jitters and I'm hoping that RIM pulls out of their current crisis and provides is with choice for years to come.
    07-09-12 04:41 AM
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    My take on the smartphone market:

    Android is for teens, iPhones are for the fashion conscious but Blackberry is for power users.
    07-09-12 05:29 AM