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    I recently down-loaded some free apps from this site and in the process had an unrecognized "earth-link" e-mail address automatically show-up during the set-up in several of these apps.

    I don't know if my soon-to-be-ex or his "techie friends" have managed to hack-into into my locked Curve, my work-based BES e-mail account (he has actually done this at least once), my g-mail account (never accessed from my home-computer), or if I'm just being paranoid.

    I would like to locate the source of this e-mail address on my BB and give the information to my lawyer, if it is something to be concerned about and minimally delete it from my Curve. I did not recognize anything in the Service Books.

    Obviously, it's probably easy to see why he is my soon-to-be-ex. The "Kisses App" did not identify anything. Are there any suggestions??

    09-05-10 11:10 PM
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    If I were concerned enough, I'd wipe everything off the device, including the OS, and reload the OS, my apps, and personal info MANUALLY. Then I would go through all of my password protected accounts and change the passwords. I like to use the BlackBerry password keeper and the randomly generated passwords it provides

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    09-05-10 11:25 PM
  3. shalom2018's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback.
    09-06-10 10:39 AM