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    On my network connection screen I have 3 items listed. Sprint Mobile Network, WiFi, and Bluetooth, in that order. I generally keep the first and last turned on at all times, and only turn WiFi on when at home to conserve battery power. I have read having WiFi on takes lots of batt$ power.

    When I have all 3 on, and I am surfing the web, does the Bold automatically use WiFi, or does it use the service based on order in that list?

    Also, when I make a phone call, does (or even CAN it) use WiFi for that?


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    07-27-10 12:27 PM
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    Some people have noticed battery drain while leaving WiFi on all the time and others have not. I personally leave mine on all the time and right now my average discharge rate is 0.6% per hour (using meterberry). When WiFi is on it will automatically connect to any WiFi network that you've established on your phone. It will remember them and automatically connect when you come in range. The icon will also turn white when connected. The Bold will automatically use WiFi when in range and enabled for web browsing. As of right now, I don't believe WiFi can be used for making calls, but I could be wrong (I'm sure someone will correct me in the forums).

    Enjoy your new Bold, it's a great phone..

    07-27-10 12:55 PM
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    The phone call can't use wifi because you're carrier doesn't allow UMA. Only T-mobile allows UMA.
    07-27-10 12:57 PM
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    One thing I tried after getting WIFI was talking on the phone while surfing the web! Really didn't miss much!

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    07-27-10 08:09 PM