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    ILM, you sound like you're doing well for 14, remember to never take advantage of that trust, it's hard to get it back if you blew it.

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    Sometimes when a biz customer first opens an account there is a credit check and the response from the outside credit reporting agency returns a certain grade and that dictates the number of lines that can be active on the particular account and also lists a deposit that may be required. If your mom just asks them to re-run her credit and asks for them to do this specifically so that she can increase the number of devices she can have active on her biz account, it may take 24 hours but if her credit checks out as good, it should be no problem.
    I have been both a biz and consumer (what they call Individual liable) customer with sprint for nearly 10 years now and the service, plans and devices are awesome for my biz applications, email and even my kids' thousands of text messages each month. I've found that some folks, regardless of what carrier they work for are directed to follow the policy set for the entire company, I've also noticed that at Sprint over the last 1.5yrs it seems like their Call Center people are starting to really "Get It" and are more empowered to use their own heads more.

    I'm glad I stayed with Sprint and I love my 8830 for international trips and plan on getting at least two of the Palm Pre when they come available.

    If you ask me, Sprint is getting better and I'm not going anywhere!
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    Well, I like the keyboard and I like the functions. Were not exactly tight on money, so my Mom is very nice when I ask for things. Do you have to need anything, or can some things just be about want? By the way, I got one yesterday! It's sooo cool!
    Enjoy your new phone and don't worry about the naysayers; its up to your mom weather you are responsible enough to have one, not them.

    The Curve is a great device. I have one on VZW. Did it come with OS 4.5 or do you still have 4.3.x?

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    I would like to say that I'm very sorry to hear that you're having a problem with Sprint. I also want to say that the 3 times my problem was escalated to Sprint Retention (cancellations) their attitude was a "go f*** yorself"...I never got ANY satisfaction with them on simple stuff like buying my son a phone and being able to use the $75.00 credit that I was GIVEN BY SPRINT to be used on the PURCHASING OF A PHONE....lol. But as it has been said "stick to your guns"...maybe it'll work out.

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    Just so everybody knows, I do have the Curve now, and we have had to call Sprint twice for different issues, one with configuring my browser, and the other about activation. Both times I recieved great service, so my guess is that the first time was just a bad one. I am very happy with my new Curve and the Sprint network!
    02-03-09 04:58 PM
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    BB direct support. 866-275-1072...it cuts down on the time away from your BB

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    Honestly I have had sprint for about 8 years and I have never had a bad situation with CS. Granted now and then you may get someone that isn't a good CSR but every provider has bad CS in some form. I'm def sorry to hear you had a problem but don't let one issue put u down about their service. I love sprint and in my eyes they are getting better and better.

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