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    Im the owner of a Curve 3G on sprint. Its getting boring and the more i look at the bold or even Style 9670 I feel like its so much better. With the recent relase of the Bold 9780 for TMobile and other carriers, i was wondering, will Sprint be getting any new blackberrys soon? I dont wannna switch to a Bold 9650 and then find out a new CDMA version of the 9780 will be relased. Even any other future sprint blackberries. Does anybody know if RIM is in the proccess of making or realasing any?
    01-20-11 05:36 PM
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    Nobody really knows for sure. The tech world is constantly evolving. Devices become obsolete on a regular basis. Which is why everything is kept a secret. As far as the right now goes.. I love my Bold 9650/ Yes.. It IS obsolete when compared to newer phones. But for my necessities.. It's King. Text x Email x UberTwitter x BBM X MP3 = CRACKBERRY. I'd highly recommend the 9650.

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    01-20-11 05:59 PM