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    So I just got my new 8530. So far, it's working great, just as I expected.

    I'm trying to pair my BB with my computer via bluetooth to allow wireless syncing. I cannot get the two devices to pair. BB BT works fine with everything else I've paired it to (Jawbone, Clarion Car Stereo, V-Tech home phone system, and Dell D630 laptop).

    When doing the pairing wizard from either the BB or the PC, one device recognizes the other device (Phone finds PC, PC finds phone) on discovery, but when I try and connect them, they just hand and eventually goes back to standby mode.

    I've tried several times, done battery pulls, reboots, etc. The BT adapter in my PC works fine.

    One thing I noticed, is that when I paired with my laptop, the BB displayed a security code that it asked me to confirm on the laptop. The laptop did show this security code, and once verified, they paired with no problem.

    I tried an OS 5 update to the latest version, and it did not help.

    I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit. The BT adapter is an IO Gear micro adapter, using a Broadcom chipset and running under the native Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences?
    04-12-10 10:16 PM