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    I have an 8320 and the other day all my message history for sms and email just deleted. I have my settings to "keep forever." If I recall correctly, my wife's Pearl did something similar several months ago. Is this something that BBs do b/c of a glitch or what? Nothing important was lost, but just wondering as it could be inconvenient in the future... At the same time I noticed my msgs disappeared I missed a couple of sms that were sent to me. Coincidence?

    Thanks for your help in advance!


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    11-07-07 02:05 PM
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    Sounds like a dropped memory issue, check your free space on the phone as it will start removing messages and call logs if low on memory...just give it a batt pull and look into removing any apps that you don't really use...this seems to be an ongoing issue with some Curve based devices, but this will be addressed in 4.3 OS as well, as 4.3 will have a memory cleaner built in.
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