1. Sprockethead's Avatar
    I know there have been SEVERAL threads regarding gmail's IMAP feature, but I don't think this one has been addressed. I use Empower BES mailbox to split my Enterprise (work) inbox from my Gmail (personal) inbox. It works great, because I don't even have to use Google's downloaded application. The Gmail messages are just forwarded to my device.

    Now that I have IMAP on my Gmail account I was hoping the two would reconcile. Currently it only reconciles one way- if I delete them on my handheld, they are deleted from my inbox online. However if I delete them online, they are not deleted from my inbox.

    Is anyone else using the Empower BES mailbox? If so, are you seeing this problem?
    11-07-07 08:49 AM
  2. Sprockethead's Avatar
    I should add that it seems like the blackberry settings only offer one "blanket" option for both inboxes. For example, if I say "handheld wins" for my BES box, it will also by default apply to the gmail box.
    11-07-07 08:52 AM