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    ok, i will do my best explaining. When i go to type the contact into the "send to" field when composing an email, the drop down contacts have things like "sirius/xm" "brain teaser game" and "student aid" etc. These aren't in my contacts when i do an overview of them. and i cleared all browser caches. So what do i do next? anyone? i keep getting these emails that at first i actually clicked and entered them only to find random letters and words. Now i just delete before opening. i know that's where they came from. i may get 4 to 6 overnight. how do i stop these AND delete these "contacts".
    06-25-10 10:48 PM
  2. petaholic's Avatar
    i am beginning to think these are email addresses attached to mail in my inbox.
    06-25-10 11:05 PM