1. SprintTour155's Avatar
    I have an older bluetooth made by Jabra, in the 40$ range. Its getting old and not sounding so good so i bought a new one today, a 30$ Emerson from walmart, it was a newer one they had out.

    Yea, i know its cheap, but when im on it people say i sound horrible. I have a Tour with OS 5.0, that is the only changes that i have made to the phone and like i said the bluetooth is brand new. I did a few searches and tried the echo control etc with no fix.

    The jabra worked great for years but is just getting old, now this new one doesnt work right at all. Do you have to get a real expensive one to work right or is this a Tour error with 5.0?

    I was told i sound like im driving with the window open in a car...
    03-02-10 10:27 PM
  2. akaquietstorm's Avatar
    I am so with you...I am having the same problem...I got my tour this past December and also purchased another blueant..Everything was working flawlessly till I downloaded my OS 5.0...Everyone is telling me the same thing like I am in the middle of a tornado because of the wind force in my background...I have placed a blanket over my head to talk with my bluetooth but everyone still notices the same thing. It was a post on here because someone else is having the same problem with their blueant and the OS 5.0. I don't know if it will help if I get another bluetooth but this is driving me crazy and I don't want to spend more money on another...
    03-05-10 09:21 AM
  3. SprintTour155's Avatar
    Found out that this is from 5.0 update (im pretty sure) but it sounds like im driving even if im just sitting at the house, cant find any information on this besides some other people are having the problem..

    Any ideas??
    03-18-10 09:08 AM