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    Just installed my Sony MEX-BT2800 CD receiver from Crutchfied:

    Sony MEX-BT2800 CD receiver at Crutchfield.com

    I was concerned some of the bluetooth hookups wouldn't work out.

    They work! The unit is great.

    The BlackBerry music player plays through the receiver, phone calls in/out go through the receiver, and you can get Rdio and Wunderradio apps to work with it too with a simple method. All-in-all this receiver is fantastic and works great. Now I can pretty much listen to any internet radio station, any song I feel like listening, or any song on my 9700 whenever I'm on the road. Most excellent.

    You can skip tracks and pause on the receiver face. You can end call. You can start a call either by redial (two presses) or voice dialing(1press.)

    I guess if there was any small thing it would be the microphone doesn't seem to have the greatest noise-reduction. But I can live with that. Just speak up and clearly to compensate.


    If you get it from them and spend more than $200 feel free to use my referral code: pxi76-t6tyv-eqxyc (Although I made the post for the review mainly and if referral codes are against forum policy I'll remove it no problem.)
    08-14-10 01:20 PM