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    ok today I downloaded a new ringtone everything was fine until when I was choosing this ringtone for a contact I hit the damn side button where you turn up or down the volume and now NONE of my ringtones will play and there is a MUTE in my list of ringtones but ONLY when I am in a contact and try to add a ringtone ! It will not show up in my profiles !!!! Someone PLEASE help me get this off ..... if I go to Verizon they will just give me another damn refurbished phone !!!!! I am beginning to HATE my phone !!!!
    06-08-10 10:53 AM
  2. MrObvious's Avatar
    Which phone and OS do you have?
    06-08-10 11:22 AM
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    .. !!!!! I am beginning to HATE my phone !!!!
    It's not the phone
    06-08-10 12:54 PM
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    Have you tried going to the media file and hit Menu/Use as ringtone? Have you tried selecting a different profile? Have you checked to see if you volume keys aren't muting somehow. Just throwing some stuff out there. And try a battery pull.

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    06-08-10 01:15 PM
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    Also try a more descriptive thread title besides "Someone help me", you'll probably get more actual help that way.
    06-09-10 12:21 AM
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    You could always wipe the phone and reinstall the OS.
    06-09-10 08:40 AM
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    I did not what to edit the title too much so the OP could find it again. The OP seems to be missing. We really need more info to properly help, such as the device and the OS. But it sounds like they have gone in to mute or silent profile, or something along those lines, BUT we need more INFO!!!! OP come back and we will help you!
    06-09-10 08:49 AM
  8. albee 1's Avatar
    Maybe they figured it out. Some of the posters get their problems solved and never confirm anything to the rest of us, I just figure if we never hear from them again someone must have come up with the right answer! haha

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    06-09-10 11:12 AM
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    06-09-10 12:41 PM