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    Hey guys! I recently made the switch over to smartphones after having owned several feature phones(I will never purchase a song Ericsson again :l ) owning my sister's iphone 3g for a few months before my contract expired. I decided to go for the Curve 9360 since I got a good deal with fido, and I'm pretty happy with the phone. It has a great keyboard and really clear loud audio(I was able to easily converse at a bar on the phone which was a first, lol) and everything loads up quite quickly and it really is quite nice. I decided to then add the playbook to my stable, which is a great device, especially after the update. That's a different story for a different day though

    The only issue I have is that I cannot connect to my schools WiFi network. I require the Entrust.net WAP CAN root certificate and although it is installed on my phone, I was never able to have it display on my list of certificates when trying to select a certain through the wifi connection setup configuration menu.

    At my schools tech department the man working there installed the schools own certificate and tried his own login credentials with no results. He also told me that the issue seems to only be with the new bb7 curves 9350/60/70

    I realized that the certificates were being loaded on the media card, so I tried removing it to see if saving the certificates on the internal memory would function, and I received an unable to display file error message.

    So It seems to be either a hardware or software issue, but how would I go about dealing with it if its a software issue? Thanks guys I'm really stuck here :/
    03-05-12 04:30 PM
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    You get 9 months (or is it 6) of phone support with your new playbook.

    Phone RIM...don't waste the opportunity
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    03-05-12 07:35 PM
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    Anthogag has a good point. You can also tweet @Blackberryhelp about this issue. Can you get Wi-Fi anywhere else in the school? I think I had some trouble getting it at my university (but I think that was because I was in a lower-level floor with bad reception). Try other locations in the school; or speak to students who have the Curve 9360. I don't understand why only one specific model of BlackBerry would have an issue with hooking up to Wi-Fi... That doesn't seem right!
    03-06-12 10:23 AM