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    Hi all

    I could do with some advice please. As it stands i only use the standard keypad lock on my 8900 and am going to start using the password one. I have read that if the incorrect number has been entered ten times (i believe you can change this setting?) it wipes your BB, how easy would it be to accidently do this with it in your back pocket? Also when it wipes does this include the memory card? I back up my berry say twice a week but I am sure it only it backs up the device and not the memory card is there a way of doing this?

    What security settings should I be using as I have found some in memory>encryption and then a load of settings, what do they mean by device? Also in security>general settings what doe the settings mean in there?

    Sorry if this is not clear enough or has been asked before, I did search but all I found was a thread on how secure is your berry and i am know convinced the men in grey are after me!!!

    Thanks in advance
    04-10-09 12:27 PM
  2. username0022's Avatar
    I'll try to answer in the order of your questions...

    You can change the amount of times an incorrect password can be entered.

    If you exceed the number of allowable incorrect passwords, JUST your device will be wiped, not the contents of your memory card. (*back up using DM often*)

    In my experience, it isn't easy to accidentally enter in bad passwords with the BB in your back pocket. (you'd have to enter a character and hit "enter"... odds aren't likely that this would occur more than once.)

    You can save the contents of your memory card on your computer by enabling mass storage, plugging in your BB and dragging and dropping the contents into a folder on your computer.

    **One more thing**...

    With regard to the Security Options, I didn't mess with too much, except for Enabling Content Compression. Oh, and I occassionally go into Memory Cleaning and do a manual clean.
    04-10-09 12:38 PM
  3. jbonnot03's Avatar
    Without any type of case on your berry, the keyboard could easily be activated and the trackball pressed to give an incorrect password. My suggestion would be to use the standby button. Set the password the password timeout to whatever you desire. As you get ready to put your berry in your pocket, press and hold the mute button on top to put your berry in standby mode. This way, the only thing that will wake your berry is the standby button. I have had my berry make calls while in my pocket when not in standby mode so incorrect passwords are possible. 10 is very unlikely, but would you want to take that chance with all your info?
    04-10-09 12:41 PM
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    thanks for the advice guys, i will try and drag and drop to a folder to see if that works ok for the memory card and will give the password a couple of days, see if i can get on with it without any accidents!!

    thanks again
    04-10-09 03:44 PM
  5. Diesel984's Avatar
    Passwords are helpful if you dont want anyone getting into your phone...But Make sure you DO back it up often...I Forgot mine once...And that's all it took LOL
    04-10-09 04:25 PM