1. MujagaWudakhi's Avatar

    I've been having bold for about a month now, i'm satisfied and its great...but , i was guided by the "how to complete wifi" on this forum and I came to a step that says I can one of these options:

    *Mobile Network Only -- Will not use the WiFi connection to make any calls (browsing still available)
    *Mobile Network Preferred -- will only use WiFi when the Mobile Network is unavailable (in poor service areas)
    *WiFi Only -- Will only make UMA calls over WiFi, even if mobile network is available
    *WiFi Preferred -- will make UMA calls when a WiFi network is available, mobile network if not available

    .....so the problem is, i dont have any of these options on my bold, i dont have conection preferrence at all? so , i was wondering, is this a software issue , or is it my Bold?

    And question number two...

    When i turn of my data services , i cant go surfing the internet over WiFi, why is that? And, is T-Mobile(i'm under their network) charging me for using the WiFi becouse of that data services???

    04-01-09 06:31 PM
  2. cruc1a7's Avatar
    I dont have a bold but I can tell you if you are using wifi you are not being charged data. If you are it might cause the signal dropped and the mobile network is picking up the connection
    04-02-09 10:00 PM