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    I have noticed that some SSIDs on my Bold 9700 are slow to associate to an AP. For example, the Bold is very fast when associating to the SSID at work, but it takes several minutes to associate to my home SSID. My Bold is running V5.0.0.442
    So I decided to make some wireless network traces with Wireshark to further investigate this.

    I have two SSIDs in my WiFi profiles, one for work and one for home (“Hurricane” & “Home”). When I turn on WiFi at home, the Bold is only probing for SSID “Hurricane” (the work SSID) for about 3 minutes. Btw, probing a SSID for that long makes no sense. After this time, the Bold is probing for “Home” and is associated instantly. I have attached the Wireshark output as a text file.
    It is possible to change the order of the SSID’s under the WiFi Options page. However, it makes no difference in which order the SSIDs are listed, the Bold is always probing the “Hurricane” SSID first for several minutes. Only if you enable “single profile scanning” for a given SSID it will probe this SSID immediately.

    This behavior is not in line with the majority of WiFi clients. Normally a client will send a probe request with a “Null” SSID to get a response from all available Access Points / SSIDs.
    Based on the Probe Response and the configured SSIDs under profiles, the client can pickup an SSID right away. I think RIM has still some work to do on the WLAN protocol stack.

    Another thing I noticed is the delay when redirecting BES traffic over WiFi. As soon as the WLAN is available, the Bold is first sending some IP traffic over WiFi to the Blackberry infrastructure to determine if it has a stable connection (I guess that’s the reason). It takes another 45 seconds for traffic is effectively redirected over WiFi (WiFi icon turns to white).
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    I have another insight to this issue. Using 509 and the previous build was the same issue.

    Turn off everything, mobile network, wifi and BT. Turn on wifi and it instantly turns white.

    If you have mobile network on and turn on wifi, it'll take forever for the wifi icon to turn white.
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