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    hey people i have been thinking alot since my blackberry tour 9630 got bricked and later i tried all the method i was given on the forums but still didnt work. so i was thinking why cant the RIM try and come up with the installation method like for the android cause i have installed os on my samsung galaxy s like 10 times and it has never gotten nuked or any thing even sometimes unplugged the cable while on the process of of loading the os and nothing happens except you just return to the download mode again and reinstall and all is ok.

    so i was thinking it would be better because it would be more easier when you dont have to install the blackberry os in the computer and the louader would be like a seperate application which you just run and the locate the operating system you want to install in your blackberry and the just hit maybe "start" or "install" or "load" or whatever the name they wanna givce to it as long as iot works.

    itb would be more easier and better cause if it was like this i would still be using my tour and of how i miss using it except that i am too broke to buy a new one. so people what do you think???
    09-20-11 12:49 PM