View Poll Results: Would you use technical support information tailored to view over your BB/Smartphone?

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  1. Rickster's Avatar
    Hi all, I work for a large disk drive manufacturer, and I am thinking of different venues for our technical support information, which include how-to and installation guides, plus troubleshooting information. This would include videos (Flash and otherwise) and slideshows covered by audio, etc.

    My question is this...would those of you who install drives into your systems or those of family or friends, find it useful if you could access helpful information from a website tailored for your BB or smartphone in case you need instructions or need to troubleshoot?

    I ask this because many times I have found myself in need of some information about a drive or mobo, only to realize my single point of access to the internet is lying in front of me, gutted . Of course, these days my home is littered with access points, but still...

    Thanks for any comments. My sense is that if the information is clearly viewable and the audio/video is clear this would indeed be of benefit, but I've learned not to assume my senses speak for others . On the other hand, I am now looking at videos and listening to music on my BB, things I never expected I would do on a phone.
    05-09-08 09:54 AM
  2. Erikgreenlee's Avatar
    It is frustrating to need some info and unable to get it because the machine is broken
    05-09-08 10:33 AM
  3. Rickster's Avatar
    Yep. This has always been an issue in trying ot offer useful information to customers. In the past the CD would be there and I used to have multimedia installation instructions on the CD, but even then one can not always find a handy place to view the CD and work on the computer/hard drive. I'm thinking a BB/smartphone in hand or lying right next to the workplace would be, at the least, better than nothing, and probably very helpful if the information were placed correctly in the window. The power to zoom to see details is a plus, too. I wish there were a way to easily stream the video seen on the BB to a larger screen through the usb2.0 cable. I wonder if this is possible? One could also download the info to a media source and plug into a tv/monitor, come to think of it.
    05-10-08 12:08 AM