1. leemoreau's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    When I used to have a Mac and a RAZR, using Bluetooth or cable, there were programs you could get where when you received a text message, it came up on your PCs screen and you could reply and so on. I'm just wondering if something similar exists for blackberry but for Windows. I'd like something that when I get a text, it appears on my PC, and I can reply there. If not, even something that lets me send texts using the software would work. I'm with Telus, I know rogers has something but I need something that works with Telus. The programs I had for my mac and Razr were carrier independent. Thanks!
    07-03-08 11:18 AM
  2. leemoreau's Avatar
    Just to clarify what I mean, I connect using USB. I want software for windows, that I can type a text message hit send, and my blackberry sends it. When person replies it goes to the BB or PC, doesn't matter, really just want to send SMS from my PC but using the BB.
    07-03-08 12:42 PM
  3. devnull's Avatar
    I know its not quite what youre asking, but most carriers have an email address you can send text messages to. something like 5555551212@text.yourcarrier.com
    or at least they used to, maybe its not common anymore.
    07-03-08 01:05 PM