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    I am asking this question for my brother in law who inherited my 9700. He has a social plan through Telus which gives him sms, myspace, fb, bbm, wlm, etc. but no email/data outside of these social things. He is unable to hook the phone into his home wifi. I never had this issue because I always had a data package and when I go to this house, I can hook into his wifi. He tried calling Telus but they told him it was prob cuss Rogers is his internet SP. (Load of BS). Anyone have any ideas or is he just SOL because he has social as opposed to data ?!?!

    Oh and data services are turned on, I did a battery pull, etc. nothing.
    11-14-10 12:58 PM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Wifi will only work with a full fledged data plan. ******* telus is lying to your face about the ISP because they're in major competition with them.

    If you're on a monthly plan and live in toronto, consider the smaller providers, such as public, wind and mobilicity. They got unlimited plans and won't lie to you. Also: Koodo=telus, Chat-r=rogers, Solo=bell.

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    11-14-10 07:21 PM
  3. Janye's Avatar
    We live in Newfoundland. Thanks for the reply, I will let him know
    11-17-10 06:50 PM