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    Oh yeah, I have Opera Mini and also Bolt.
    But a girl can dream! :-D

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    Why? Really....

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    According to this chart, RIM went from a 30% market share to a 40% market share from June '08 to Sep '09. It spiked in Jan '07 (would be interesting to see what released then, I'm not inclined to spend that much of my day researching) and dipped in April '07. Still maintained a 3% lead from its beginning in June '06.

    RIM then recovered five points after flatlining around summer '07. Wasn't there THE iPhone launch then? Subsequent to that there was a gain of 5% immediately after summer. So the launch of the iPhone did not cause RIM to lose market share at that time, rather, it gained even after the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone. So the fact that even after the launch of a very highly anticipated device Apple did not damage RIM's core base simply shows that RIM's corporate core did not go en masse into Apple stores. From Jan '08 to Sep '09 it has only dipped 3%, in spite of two iPhone launches in summers '08 and '09. Which simply shows that RIM's hold on its core corporate market share remains intact. Consumer market share is, for RIM, secondary.

    Let's look at Apple. It went from nowhere in July '07 to 11% in June '08. Nice entry. By the end of that quarter, in Sep '08 after the launch of the next iPhone, it went to 17%. A gain of six points. Nicely done for one quarter, but take into consideration that the gain happened after a release. The holiday season brought an additional gain, independent of a release, of another six points. It then settled into 1% gains over the next three quarters. Hardly incendiary growth, just a slight gain. The next growth for Apple happens between June and September '09. Naturally, after another release.

    So, looking at those numbers, if RIM had dropped during that same time frame in the same numbers as Apple it would mean that RIM is losing market shares to Apple in numbers significant enough to take notice. As it is, Apple's incursion in the consumer phone market has not taken away RIM's core market share, rather the consumer who's looking for a nice smartphone.

    Regarding Apple's shares - Apple can only go up. It is a new company. Had it not done so, then it would have been a failure. The fact that Apple's marketshare flatlines during the times when there is either no holiday or no release shows that Apple's gains are 1) correlated to those releases 2) taking away 1% of RIM's market share. Or is it? Android released in September '08, and it also would have taken market share away from RIM.

    Should RIM continue to lose market share at that rate and not cater to the consumer market, it could find itself in trouble. For now, I don't see anything in the numbers shown that is not to be expected considering the market.

    Oh, considering the market. The market crashed last year, taking along with it gains in several markets. Yet RIM's loss, which is so closely tied to corporate market, was only 1% each quarter, after one corporation after another suffered heavy losses. Nicely done - showed that RIM can survive even a crash in its corporate core demographic.

    If I work at RIM I would begin development of more consumer/light corporate products and upgrades in the OS, and the browser, which are what it needs to do to appeal to the consumer market. And RIM is already doing that. But since RIM maintains its place even with the advent of new technologies like Palm Pre, Android and Apple and mangages to survive a crash in its corporate core market share, I would not be asking HR to start cutting pink slips yet.
    Not disagreeing, it was just a response to the RIDICULOUS assertion that iphone should "fear" RIM. Theyre doing just fine and have nothing to fear.

    But I see one fatal flaw in your analysis- that RIM has a certain customer base who will ALWAYS be there. They will always, at least in the foreseeable future, have government and big business contracts. They may not fluctuate much, but we have no clue how these big contracts affect their marketshare. They could hypothetically totally bomb out in the consumer space and still maintain a good chunk of marketshare (we dont have a clue as to how much).

    The gov and corporate contracts may be factored into marketshare for numbers sake, but I dont feel that it represents people you actively CHOOSE the OS over another when thats the device they are required to use.
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    Oh no...I don't think I said that they will always be there. I don't believe that I have ever said that anything will always or will never do one thing or the other. I try as best I can to stay away from massive generalizations because they are too simplistic. However, the corporate core does go with RIM for, as you said, the foreseeable future.
    RIM does need to court the consumer market and not see it as an afterthought.

    We disagree you and I one one thing...the core does choose, for the time being, RIM's OS. We just renewed our communications contracts - telephony went primarily to Avaya, I think, and handhelds went to RIM. These were contracts that could have gone elsewhere but because of RIM's BES, stayed with RIM. Honestly, I don't hear any other platform being in the running *at this time.* When looking at the specs sheets and the business requirements, RIM simply has what we need. And when I say "we" I can assure you that *at this time* it is the lion's share of the corporate, government marketshare. The day another platform offers RIM's encryption/security/BES-like OS, then RIM will cease to be dominant in the sector that values those functionalities above all else.

    ***edit - as a result of this contract I now have an 8520 (I think that's the number) again from Verizon. I'm not happy. My 8830 WE served me very well in a bad work environment in January.
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    Why? Really....

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    'Cuz I'd like to be able to go into some sites that require Flash. Play some silly games during times when I'm stuck somewhere between one place and another.
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    Not disagreeing, it was just a response to the RIDICULOUS assertion that iphone should "fear" RIM. Theyre doing just fine and have nothing to fear.
    Sigh. He said iPhone users feel threatened by BlackBerries; nothing to do with RIM or Apple. You coming in here, huffing and puffing and blowing down anything that would knock on your iPhone only goes to further accentuate the point that he was making.

    Oh and yes, I know it's not just iPhone users that are guilty of this.

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    That is what I remember from my brief period with the 3GS. I was calling Apple every single day trying to figure out 1) why my phone could not last the day adn 2) why it overheated so much. Their response - turn off 3G, push, WiFi, brightness, vibrate, music, etc. etc. etc. What I had left was a Motorola v551 in terms of functionality!
    ROFLMAO. And give the V551 some credit. Your phone sounded more like, let's say.... A Motorola RAZR..
    03-03-10 02:21 AM
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    I remember when I went to the verizon store to buy my blackberry. I had already done my research and knew which phone I wanted. I just wanted a hassle free shopping experience. When I got there, they were pushing the Droid and in the half hour I was there to get my blackberry, they must have tried to talk me into the droid no less than a dozen times. I don't like touch screen so it was already off my list period.
    I think the Iphone guy and the verizon guys are the same, they make more off of those phones and that is their hottest phone. Not everyone wants the hottest gadget just because it is. Honestly, if I hadn't already been in the process of setting up my new BB, they would have lost my sale around the time the third person tried to talk me into the Droid. I understand that they have to push their biggest or newest seller, that's sales, but when someone is in the middle of purchasing they should stop. As far as the Iphone, I don't purchase many Apple products, kid has an Ipod, most of them don't work where I live because they rely on AT&T. Even if they did work here, I wouldn't purchase them because there are many things I don't like about the company. I do however, think its great there are Iphones, Droid, etc phones out there so BB will continue to make better phones and Apps. Competition is great for all.
    Unless Verizon recently changed their commission structure, they get paid the same whether they sell a Droid or BB, or any phone where data needs to put on.
    03-03-10 02:23 AM
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    ROFLMAO. And give the V551 some credit. Your phone sounded more like, let's say.... A Motorola RAZR..
    Actually, you know, you're right....my v551 saw me through some hard times down in Louisiana/Texas/Mississippi during he Katrina/Rita/Wilma efforts.
    03-03-10 03:11 AM
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    Haha, Fanboys are CRAZY. One of my friend ask me to hook her up with a blackberry for cheap and this friend of her with an iPhone keep on insisting she should get the iPhone because they are the greatest phone in the world and that bb are no fun.

    He kept on making sales pitch to her until she got irritated and snapped at him at a restaurant. She told him to shut up. If she wanted an iPhone, she would have gotten one long time ago and her mind was set on a blackberry since the beginning. I never encourage her to get a blackberry or made any sales pitch.

    Because you believe in one thing, it doesn't mean the other person believe the same. People want whatever they want. So what if she did get an iPhone after all that, would she be happy? No, and she would never be satisfied because her decision was based on peer pressure.

    Haha, that's the moral of that story.
    03-03-10 05:32 AM
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    My Brother's Fiance went from a BB to Iphone. She gave her BB to my brother to use. After a couple days he stated that he wanted and Iphone. I asked if he had played around with her Iphone yet to test it and why did he want and Iphone. He had not played with it yet and he basically said he wanted it for the touchscreen and music. I tell him "whooptie doo a touchscreen and you have a music player on your BB."
    A few days later I got my BB. I then began showing him everything he can do with his and he had been playing around on his fiance's Iphone. He is sticking with BB. He may get a Storm for Touchscreen but he no longer wants the Iphone.
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