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    Right, I'm a complete BB newbie so I know nothing! As I understand it, BB10 when it arrives will be based on the PB OS2? I assume (I don't have a BB phone) that all previous BB phone OS's are not based on the PB OS2? Does this mean that all the 70,000 apps currently in App World (and I assume these are mainly for the phones as I can't see that many for the PB) will no longer be compatible?

    The Crackberry forum app it appears is not compatible with the PB - is there another version on the way?
    04-08-12 03:46 PM
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    Mostly right. Except that 70,000+ figure for the number of apps in App World includes several thousand current Playbook apps, so those ones will be okay.

    One can presume that RIM'S developer relations team is working with as many of the previous vendors as possible to help them develop new apps for the new platform.

    Also bear in mind that OS7 doesn't disappear the day BB10 releases. Given that RIM still offers a few OS6 phones even now (the original Torch 9800 and the Style flip phone are still listed as "current" offerings) I would bet that phones running OS7 will remain available for as much as another two years.
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    04-08-12 04:01 PM