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    The thing is crazy thin. Insanely so. It's closer in size to an old Storm but 1/3 the thickness. The buttons are integrated in the screen (very clicky, almost to much but it may have been that phone). Screen is nice and bright. OS7 is a bit choppy on it, fast scroll and switching screens isn't fluid like on the Torch, so the lower processor shows, but it's a good little entry level touchscreen.

    **** at $375 out of contract, $30 more than the Curve itself, I'd look at it as a backup phone.

    Only thing I hate? That cheap *** battery door. It's a pain in the *** to open and it's flimsy as ****. It does have an NFC panel in it though, but I wish they would have gone a little thicker and had a better backing.

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    11-25-11 09:48 AM