08-03-14 11:32 AM
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    Thread title is misleading.. I expected to see a passport sold through Amazon or amazon branded..

    Check Out TechCraze
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    08-03-14 06:20 AM
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    Finally the shill mentality to keep android locked by google is something I will never personally understand what happened to AOSP??? The original spirit of open source, Google may as well go and make android Google OS.
    Android is Google OS, Google is no different than Microsoft they need to make money. In some ways Google is slimier than Microsoft, M$ is upfront about lockin Google isn't with M$ you know what you're getting yourself into same goes for Apple.

    Arstechnica has a great series debunking the Google ASOP B$.

    Have a look at the piece below you don't even have to read the entire piece just look at the opening image and you'll see what you REALLY get with "open source Android".

    The great Ars experimentfree and open source software on a smartphone?!

    Essentially all the hurdles and pain points that BB users get with running Android apps on non ASOP devices were designed to make it as painful and inconvenient as possible. It's a great strategy on Googles part but Microsoft invented it (think DirectX and games)
    08-03-14 11:32 AM
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