1. vinndy's Avatar
    Don't want to dup post, but would like to try to get an answer. What is SMSWakeUp in 4.1 vz nav?
    09-19-08 04:12 PM
  2. vinndy's Avatar
    from a website i found:
    "SMSWakeUp is an integrated solution that works out when SMS will be distributing software and to which machines it will be distributing the software to. Just before SMS distributes the software SMSWakeUp sends what's known as a 'Magic Packet' to all of the machines that are about to have software distributed to them to make sure they're powered on and ready to receive the software. In this way only those machines that need to be woken up are."
    So they can push updates whenever they want whether our phones are on or not?
    Am I reading this correctly?
    09-19-08 07:43 PM
  3. lastraid's Avatar
    This maybe a function that is out for some phones already. VZW is getting the ability up update phones Over the Air OTA. THis does a couple of things for you.

    1. Updates firmware so you do not have wait at a store.

    2. pushes out patched for major known issues for a device with out you haveig to do it.

    At this time there are only a few phones that can do it. Will need to research for BB's though. Preping for the future I guess
    09-20-08 09:45 AM
  4. mrberger202's Avatar
    Taking a shot in the dark, SMSWakeUp sounds like a module that can monitor incomming SMS messages that are dirrected to VZ Nav.

    This would include PlaceMessages, and also the request from vznavigator.com to sync the My Places with the website.

    The module detects these messages, and passes them to the VZ Nav program, which then activates the specified function, as per the message.
    09-20-08 03:41 PM