1. KoolKeyth5's Avatar
    I have noticed that on my old 8330 and on my new Tour on Sprint that when I recieve text messages from a female friend of mine, her call back number is my phone number. How could this b and could she be possibly getting my text messages? I'm a lil paranoid now, someone please help me out. Once again her call back number when she text me is MY phone number. PLEASE HELP. Thanx in advance. -Keyth-
    07-27-09 12:24 AM
  2. ntrdmefn's Avatar
    i believe that you can (or she can) set her "callback" number to whatever number she wants ... on the BB, go to options, sms text and you will see that you can change your callback number ...
    07-27-09 01:10 PM
  3. egobuster1's Avatar
    u cna change ur call back number but i dont totally get the point as in no she isnt receiving ur txts and no she isnt sending txts as u
    07-27-09 02:43 PM
  4. JetDriver480's Avatar
    The only way to remove the 'CALLBACK NUMBER' on your end is to convince your friend to go into their Options / SMS TEXT menu and delete their 'CALLBACK NUMBER'...just have them delete the field and leave it empty. In this case it sounds like your number is typed in her 'CALLBACK NUMBER' ...
    10-24-10 01:54 AM
  5. californiablackberry's Avatar
    You can't remove your callback number by the way, I attempt to do this all the time.
    It comes back when you turn the device on/off.
    10-24-10 02:10 AM