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    When I attempt to text an email address (through SMS) it is sent incorrectly to the recipient. Also, when others text me an email address, it does not come through to my phone correctly.

    Example: My mother has a Curve, I have a tour. I attempted to send her my uncle's email address today through SMS. I sent xxxxx@xxxx.com (not posting the actual email address here for privacy reasons). She got xxxxx _ jfowhafej.dem (or something close to that). I emailed her the address and that worked fine. She tried sending the same address back to me from her Curve and I got xxxxxixxxx.com (an i instead of @).

    When my fiance sent me an email from his Android phone (Motorola Droid) it came in with the i instead of the @. I have not yet tried sending one from my Tour to his Droid yet to see if that works.

    Any ideas?
    05-09-10 01:22 PM
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    Thanks - I'll try that when my fiance gets home and make sure it sends correctly.

    I did try spacing everything out (ex: xxx @ xxx .com) but that didn't go through either.
    05-09-10 03:12 PM