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    I've got a BB 9700. For some reason it does not show all my SMS messages unless I press ALT and S when in messages. They are all there, but it only displays some of them. I've gone through all the options on the phone and several forums and can't seem to find a solution.

    Also the SMS message icon says I have unread messages but I have none! I've checked sent messages, different folders, marking all as read, pressed 'u' while in messages, tried the battery pull several times and tried re-syncing it but they are still there.

    It's only had both of these problems for a few days and I have no idea why! Can someone offer any help please????

    Thanks a lot.

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    06-13-10 02:07 PM
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    It could be missed call logging. I'm not 100% on this though... Check your Call Logging settings. Press green call button - menu - options - call logging.

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    06-13-10 04:42 PM
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    Hi ST79,

    I've checked call logging but it is not that. I updated some device software last night and that got rid of the message icon, but now they are back again!

    Also, it still displays random text messages rather than all of them. I have to press ALT S for all of them to show.

    Any ideas please?

    Thank you.

    06-14-10 07:17 AM