1. Nutmegg06's Avatar
    When I am on the "Today" theme, there is a text message that will not disappear from my main screen! I have deleted the massage multiple times now. It does not show up in my text message listing anymore, but it continues to linger on my main screen. Any ideas?!
    02-24-08 08:28 PM
  2. Kara81's Avatar
    Try doing a battery pull... Remove the battery for about 30 seconds then put it back in and that should do the trick!
    02-24-08 08:36 PM
  3. Nutmegg06's Avatar
    That worked!! I had turned it off several times, but I am not sure why I didn't think to remove the battery! Thanks :-)
    02-24-08 08:45 PM
  4. Kara81's Avatar
    You're welcome!
    02-24-08 08:51 PM