1. jags2487's Avatar
    Is there anyway to get an entire sms text conversation sent to email.

    Backround - I have a long sms text conversation that I'm unable to view but need information from it and cant really find it and it would make my life real easy to be sent as an email.

    Any help at all or if its not possible would be much appreciated.
    11-29-10 03:39 PM
  2. the_sandman_454's Avatar
    Why aren't you able to view it? I never used SMS much when I had my BB, but what happens if you highlight the thread you want to copy and hit the menu button? I can't remember if you get the option to copy to clipboard or email.

    You might be able to make a backup of your BB/sms database using Desktop Manager and read it with a program called ABC viewer I believe it is. I never used it but a search of the forum should turn up more information on it. You might be able to copy/paste the conversation you want from there...

    Sorry for not being able to say with 100% certainty, but that's the direction i'd start looking in...
    11-29-10 03:47 PM