1. DuexNoir's Avatar
    I just read this article on CTV website about 2013 as the start of a surge of attacks on smartphones. First thing that caught my eyes was the BB at the top image. Yeah, when they talk about security, they always show a BB. Another thing that caught my attention was the fact that Apple (and their users) can no longer claim over PC that iProducts are immune to viruses. It will be interesting to see how iPhones and other Apple products handle cyber intrusion in the next few years. Also, Android is the most targeted and possibly most vulnerable OS out there in terms of security (but don't quote me on this, it's a general statement based on observation). Conclusion? When society start to shift over to NFC for credit cards and other monetary payments or transactions, security will no longer be considered towards the bottom of a consumers wanted-features list. This may bold (pun not intended) well for BB given it still holds the greatest security for all smartphones. I'm not saying BB is entirely immune but it is the least vulnerable.

    But seriously, this direction was inevitable. I believe people have become too complacent lately with regards to the security of their own personal information.

    Article: Many cyber criminals shifting focus to smartphones | CTV News
    12-06-12 12:39 PM
  2. black.rhino's Avatar
    IThis may bold (pun not intended) well for BB given it still holds the greatest security for all smartphones.
    (Pun not possible, the word you are looking for is bode)

    The problem I see is that so few people care about preventing hacking and viruses, they only react to it. I think if people start to care about security we will see more interest in BlackBerry.
    12-06-12 01:09 PM
  3. ichat's Avatar
    Every since the implementation and invention of crapos and droid, hacker love stealing all the personal juice from a person's life. Heck, even what time they drink coffee this morning.

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    12-06-12 01:13 PM
  4. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    Somtimes it is not that people don't care about security. They don't know to care or what to do. I keep suggesting a regular article on CB addressing various privacy and security issues. For sure the issues will become more and more critical. I was watching a show the other night showing some of the new ways the medical community is integrating wireless tech into their field. Amazing and exciting, as I could see it as a natural market expansion market for QNX
    12-06-12 01:21 PM
  5. ichat's Avatar
    Plus the app market is a crazy one, especially on ios when devs can slap on a few databases and a few lines of code and there, they got a better tracking system than the CIA

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    12-06-12 01:26 PM
  6. jakie55's Avatar
    If we were all about security, we would run Linux desktops and laptops, with BB for mobile, but as stated before, the app experience convinces people to go to less secure platforms to get their angry birds et al.
    12-07-12 02:51 AM
  7. TgeekB's Avatar
    Your smart phone is as secure as the person carrying it.
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    12-07-12 08:48 AM
  8. kemj's Avatar
    Serious question, will BlackBerry 10 be more secure than BlackBerry 7 OS?
    12-07-12 11:10 AM
  9. ichat's Avatar
    I'm not hundred percent sure but I believe bb10 has received FIPS which is really high up in the security ladder

    So whether or not its more secure than os 7, it will be more than enough secure for the common man

    As mentioned by another poster, a smartphone is as safe as its user wants it to be. So to be super secure, make sure don't download dodgy apps
    Also, I still think they won't allow devs to confidential access without the user saying so

    So keep your eyes out and everything will be ok

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    12-07-12 11:42 AM
  10. OniBerry's Avatar
    Hacking mobile devices is nothing new, it's just that the scope of the hackers are starting to see more and more positive results (as far as they are concerned). People, unfortunately, don't seem to care about security or privacy (except from a Spouse or a G/BF), and it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. With mobile payments becoming increasingly more accepted, it's just another avenue hackers can try to take to exploit you and/or your information. Be careful, be vigilant, and don't be stupid (best advice is usually the most simple)
    12-07-12 12:18 PM
  11. DuexNoir's Avatar
    (Pun not possible, the word you are looking for is bode)
    *head desk* Ack, my brain obviously wasn't functioning properly when I made that post. Thanks for the correction.

    I guess people's slack on mobile phone security is that they probably don't see it happening as often or as obvious as on their computers. It's still a relatively knew thing to consumer mind (whereas desktops/laptops it's been decades). I'm sure many people out there are still not aware that their phones can get viruses and etc. just like a computer. As more of these incidences occur and news spread, people will become more aware of it.
    12-08-12 01:28 AM
  12. grahamf's Avatar
    News will spin to whatever will sell. I can't find it, but there was a news article with a title that describes iPhones and Blackberrys as having a virus that steals banking information. In reality it's a Windows virus that tricks you into doing a text message verify, which only requires a phone capable of SMS.
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    12-08-12 01:37 AM
  13. AfroZepher's Avatar
    What makes a device initially vulnerably is it's popularity. . .my hope is BB gets enough market share back to become and remain profitable but not so much that they become super popular again. . .I like to stay exclusive. . .LOL VIP!!!
    12-08-12 05:06 AM
  14. TgeekB's Avatar
    Remember, for years mobile devices did not carry the information that a PC did. People did not think of them as vulnerable. It will take a while for this culture to change.
    12-08-12 08:34 AM
  15. ctuffy's Avatar
    In your opinion, what is the best way to secure and prevent hacking on smartphones? I have Kaspersky on my Android. It came with the PC package we bought. If it is available for the BB10, is that something you would recommend?
    12-08-12 09:13 AM
  16. GTiLeo's Avatar
    it was only a matter of time, when smartphones become a consumer good like PCs then hacking and viruses start to flood, the same way that macs has no viruses because the mass population used PCs and windows, to say a mac OS is immune to viruses is simply stupid, to say BBs are immune is also pretty dumb, any software can be hacked or cracked it just takes time and in some cases poor use to allow this to happen
    12-08-12 09:43 AM

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