1. mikex915's Avatar
    I posted ealier and got some very useful info about wifi. I think it was fatboy97 that gave me the help. While my wifi is connected I really don't see a difference in speed with EDGE. Fatboy had me chance my browser setting to hotspot but that didn't work. Should I do a battery pull? Just want my wifi as fast as everyone says it is.

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    05-23-09 07:37 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Do you have a White WiFi symbol? Also, how long has your 8900 been up? If it's been up for a few days without a reboot I'd do a battery pull. I'll check back tomorrow if I can, but I have some plans.

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    05-23-09 09:06 PM
  3. mikex915's Avatar
    Yes I do have a white symbol. I'll try a battery pull. Thanks.

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    05-24-09 02:45 AM
  4. sweb's Avatar
    I too have noticed no big difference with wifi over edge.I have quickpull set to run every day so shouldn't need to battery pull.Only difference i can see is on youtube where i can see the film without buffering.checked my settings with various posts and the wifi guide.Any help would be appreciated cheers.
    05-24-09 03:29 AM
  5. Daz_Mann's Avatar
    If you go to bb app world there is a free speed test you can download might be worth a try, then you should be able to see the difference

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    05-24-09 03:30 AM
  6. sweb's Avatar
    Cheers that was quick! I'll give it a go now.
    05-24-09 03:35 AM
  7. Zzoram's Avatar
    Post your results please.
    05-24-09 04:10 AM
  8. sweb's Avatar
    ok I tried the speedtest and it showed a huge increase in the wifi.I guess it is a lot faster but doesn't seem it when using wifi. ah well at least i know its working.Cheers for the help.
    05-24-09 04:13 AM
  9. Zzoram's Avatar
    I think the problem is the data downloads faster, the but Browser sucks and renders pages only marginally faster. RIM really needs to make a non-sucky browser.
    05-24-09 04:15 AM
  10. sweb's Avatar
    edge was 42 kbps and wifi was 382.quite a difference.is this ok for wifi speed?
    05-24-09 04:15 AM
  11. Acelx's Avatar
    Wifi also depends on how far you are near the base of the router..if you stealing the guy or lady next door wifi i dont think it would be as fast as it would if it was in your room or office
    05-24-09 02:00 PM