1. dirty_blues's Avatar
    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum first and foremost.

    I am a Tour 9630 user on Sprint. This past week, I've noticed a major slowdown on my data connections. Apps taking forever to download, web pages very slow to load, and sometimes my Facebook taking a long time to refresh.

    I checked everything on my end short of a device wipe to see if it was me. Then I spoke with a friend using an 8830 on Sprint and he said he was having the same issue.

    Is this carrier related or BIS related? I have even resent the service books, but no improvement.

    Any input would be appreciated.
    06-30-10 07:36 AM
  2. aimeeattitude's Avatar
    Must be carrier-related. Myself and a friend have been having the same issues, both on Sprint.
    06-30-10 07:53 AM