View Poll Results: How many software applications have you installed on your BlackBerry?

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    66 8.92%
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    50 6.76%
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    101 13.65%
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    101 13.65%
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    94 12.70%
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    70 9.46%
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    41 5.54%
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    217 29.32%
12-30-07 12:57 AM
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  1. jyurick's Avatar
    google maps, im+ (where's this Jivetalk everyone's talking about??) and bb messenger probably my most used. I'm d/l viigo now...sounds very useful..

    oh and xplayer now as well, neat little feature to determine output including bluetooth on my pearl...wish it was an actual a2dp, but it's doing a decent enough job for free.
    12-23-07 10:37 AM
  2. Ti2m's Avatar
    1st Google Maps ... freaked out everyone at the christmas party when I did a satalite view of the house.

    2nd I downloaded and then deleted Opera 3 since it would not work with the track ball on my 8310.
    12-23-07 11:07 AM
  3. puglady's Avatar
    still getting to know my blackberry.
    12-23-07 11:08 AM
  4. adnans's Avatar
    opera mini and jivetalk are my must haves. operas beautiful rendering (if a little slow on my 8130) makes the web a little easier to use over rims wap browser, and jivetalk just rocks at im.
    12-23-07 11:23 AM
  5. rbsprouse's Avatar
    google maps and espn love the satellite view and sports scores
    12-23-07 11:33 AM
  6. garthmo's Avatar
    well i got to say my favorite app is the jive talk i downloaded. without that i coouldnt keep in touch with friends and family while on the road.
    12-23-07 01:31 PM
  7. Murfunit's Avatar
    All the Google apps




    BBTetris and a few Solitaire games

    Oh and themes. I'm a theme junky
    12-23-07 01:45 PM
  8. Trevor's Avatar
    Google maps, opera, facebook, crackberry shortcut are all must haves for me.
    12-23-07 02:41 PM
  9. TurTLe's Avatar
    I have opera but prefer OE browser.
    myalarms but they never work right

    getting jivetalk. so thats all mines
    12-23-07 03:48 PM
  10. NikonNurse's Avatar
    Okay, I have one...I feel like a loser....or a mom with no time.

    12-23-07 04:01 PM
  11. wisecrone's Avatar
    I wanted the bb software that links me to Jajah. I also installed GMail. I am looking now for maps of New Zealand and Australia since I am going there. I am wondering if they are available for my map sections.
    12-23-07 04:08 PM
  12. nadia518's Avatar
    i love using the new google sync!! google maps, bb messenger and of course crackberry!!
    12-23-07 05:19 PM
  13. oupiglet's Avatar
    I love jivetalk! Great investment!
    12-23-07 05:30 PM
  14. JasonBoris's Avatar
    Blacklist/Whitelist. It's great to be able to turn it on and off, sending "certain people" during the workday directly to voicemail without taking away from your other business calls.
    12-23-07 05:54 PM
  15. PierreC's Avatar
    I have Berry Pix for my pictures, Bubblet to play when I'm going home on the bus and Google Maps so that I dont get lost.

    I also installed Ascendo Data Vault a few weeks ago but haven't had time to use it.

    Facebook was installed when I upgraded to OS 4.2 on my 8703e - I havent used it yet.

    Whenever I see an application that interests me, I will usually download the trial version - if I decide it is not for me, I will remove it from my berry.
    12-23-07 06:48 PM
  16. cinnamin's Avatar
    i have what i need on my blackberry
    12-23-07 07:54 PM
  17. oceanjwl_tn's Avatar
    My must haves: Yahoo Msgr & VZ Navigator... Love em and use em ALL the time
    12-23-07 08:04 PM
  18. Lynnette's Avatar
    Still researching the apps for my Curve!!! Is there something that will make me lose weight? Will lifting the phone be considered exercise?
    buenos noches,
    12-23-07 08:13 PM
  19. ryanbrandt's Avatar
    Windows live Search. Love it - especially when I am out of town.
    12-23-07 11:11 PM
  20. itsjustcrius's Avatar
    Windows live search is an awesome app and great alternative to berry411. Softreset as I don't have to actually pull the battery anymore to do a reset. Viigo is a decent rss reader. All I know is an email viewing app and jivetalk or aim.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-23-07 11:53 PM
  21. alicat876's Avatar
    1. Tube 2 NYC - fantastic subway program for NYC.
    2. JiveTalk - one app to handle all my IM flawlessly.
    3. Viigo - to keep on top of the news and anything else of interest.
    4. Shout Postcard - to easily send a quick pic and note in a cute format.
    5. BB Smart Viewer - so my HTML email is actually readable.
    12-24-07 12:42 AM
  22. taboolexicon's Avatar
    1. Viigo
    2. GridMagic
    12-24-07 12:47 AM
  23. benp311's Avatar
    I love the new google map. In addition to being a normal online map, it shows subway/train stations and traffic flow. In this newest version, there is one feature that really impressed me. My 8830 has GPS, but Verizon being my carrier, they disabled this feature which really frustrated me. The new feature in google map acts like a GPS without needing fancy software. It simply gives you your general location depending on which cell phone tower you're transmitting to. Very smart thinking on Google's part. I hope they come up with a new Gtalk with AIM (it's available right now in IE but not in the mobile app). I think I'm supposed to already have some type of AIM program but I heard Verizon disabled this app too. If that's true, they are simply overdoing it with their money hungry greed so we can pay for their VZ navigator and other pricey apps.
    12-24-07 01:15 AM
  24. ssymes's Avatar
    I have a ton of apps, but the ones I use most are Google Maps and Viigo. Google Maps because I get lost easily, and Viigo because I have short attention span.
    12-24-07 05:00 AM
  25. tomdick's Avatar
    just one must have opera mini
    12-24-07 07:01 AM
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