View Poll Results: How many software applications have you installed on your BlackBerry?

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    66 8.92%
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    50 6.76%
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    101 13.65%
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    101 13.65%
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    94 12.70%
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    70 9.46%
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    41 5.54%
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    217 29.32%
12-30-07 12:57 AM
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  1. peteblum's Avatar
    Viigo! I get all the news and cool stuff I need!
    Ka-Glom! Great game to play to pass the down time!
    BrickBreaker! Another great game to pass the time!
    Yahoo GO! Great all in one tool for mail, pictures, etc.
    Gmail and other Google products, same reason as Yahoo GO!
    Vtap! Cause I love Wicki
    12-16-07 10:15 AM
  2. RichardF's Avatar
    Must Have - any applications that are GPS, I love my maps
    12-16-07 01:00 PM
  3. graham's Avatar
    I've got a few; NES emulator (which sucks and is on its way out), google maps, poker blast (free game that's a tetris/poker mix), Live search, Facebook, xPlayer, Nav4All, duckshot, wikipedia quick search, Viigo, Soft Reset, Opera mini, google search, Gmail, color pearl and color event. Favorites are Viigo, google maps and color event. Love seeing the pearl change color when I get a call or message.
    12-16-07 04:08 PM
  4. kentville's Avatar
    I have 3 I've downloaded.
    12-16-07 06:26 PM
  5. kalinl's Avatar
    Mobipocket to read my e-books
    G-mail to read my e-mail
    Google Maps for the traffic
    Opera - just in case
    Citrix client - for work
    12-16-07 06:44 PM
  6. LocalCelebrity2u's Avatar
    I'm really feeling the new Google Maps (since I don't have GPS), I have JIVEtalk and the Facebook App.
    12-16-07 06:45 PM
  7. nakpr01's Avatar
    GoogleMaps- I'd be lost without it.
    Facebook- it's almost as addictive as my bb!
    jiveTalk- I can stay logged into all of my IM's at the same time
    12-16-07 07:50 PM
  8. Jeh's Avatar
    I really like Google maps and Flipside. I like the album art feature. I installed Operamini but havent gotten it to work yet
    12-16-07 07:53 PM
  9. DragonMage's Avatar
    goggle maps, got to know were I'm at and how to get there.
    voice dialing
    12-16-07 08:35 PM
  10. CMEC's Avatar
    Jivetalk, BBsmart, Viigo, Operamini vol 4. I think that is it.
    12-16-07 08:47 PM
  11. mboliver's Avatar
    I could not live without Data Vault
    12-16-07 08:53 PM
  12. dtkeith's Avatar
    jivetalk- NEED
    opera- faster than bb browser
    viigo- no need to explain this necessity
    dope wars- fun game to pass the time with
    brickbreaker- hello, what else to do during school?
    weather- SOO important!
    12-16-07 09:16 PM
  13. lavegout's Avatar
    JiveTalk is essential to someone whose friends live in every part of the world and never write!
    12-16-07 10:21 PM
  14. teamfoster03's Avatar
    opera mini- Great web for viewing real web pages.
    Y! Go- easy access to yahoo apps and email
    Gmail- Best free email out there
    Google apps- love the maps,search etc.. launcher- best way to get to the #1 bb site
    Pocket express- great program for people on the go.
    12-16-07 10:34 PM
  15. zonkerzoo's Avatar
    several games, i love google maps, i'm getting some other ideas from reading the posts! yipee more fun to come........
    12-16-07 11:40 PM
  16. hshlevin's Avatar
    i have 4 added applications - mostly games when I am bored waiting at airports. One is a rather neat language translators
    12-17-07 06:35 AM
  17. Silver5's Avatar
    I have one them and Opera Mini. I can't think of anything else I would need on it.
    12-17-07 08:42 AM
  18. tdgossett's Avatar
    My time spent in the BB Rehab unit/Spa of the Cleveland Clinic would have gone much better, if they hadn't forgotten to confiscate my BB when I checked in. But the hand massages made it much easier to text with!

    12-17-07 08:53 AM
  19. ting's Avatar
    I'm just browsing what you've got now (after I type this)...
    12-17-07 10:02 AM
  20. ultraboy3000's Avatar
    I've installed the Yahoo app & Google maps. Both are essential to me b/c most of my friends are on yahoo & are always just a few clicks away. Google maps is a great alternative to VZ Navigator. Although the blocking of the Gps thing kinda irks me so exact pin-pointing is not available, but the triangulation between 3 cell towers does a good enough job.
    12-17-07 12:09 PM
  21. neurodoc's Avatar
    I have several, but use Viigo and Google Maps the most.
    12-17-07 02:37 PM
  22. bstedman's Avatar
    Mapquest Navigator trial was my favorite until it became a monthly charge InfoSpace Find It! is my most used one.
    12-17-07 02:54 PM
  23. VIPRKC's Avatar
    Facebook is used on an hourly basis. I need my status updates, my newly tagged photos, and find out who's been pokin' me!
    12-17-07 02:57 PM
  24. Hairbear1954's Avatar
    Google Maps!! I use them almost everyday!!
    12-17-07 05:00 PM
  25. davids68's Avatar
    Jivetalk, Google Maps, Opera, Viigo, Gmail, BBweather, Beyond 411, Telenav ( I have a GPS puck), Infospace, Google Search, Google Mobile Updater, Ascendo DataVault, Ka-Glom!, Outbreak Control, Medevial Kings Chess 2, Monopoly Tycoon 2, Empower Instaspell, Empower E-mail Viewer, Simulsays, Pipes, Softreset, Points Calculator, and Beamberry.

    I use Jivetalk and Viigo everyday.
    12-17-07 05:08 PM
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