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    Hi All,

    I have joined this forum to hopefully get some direction from knowledgeable individuals (why call customer service when this place exists!)

    Long story short, my company would like to purchase a small number of handsets (Model not yet determined - most likely Bold 9900) and be able to have different individuals make use of all functions.

    Ideally, a handset would be set up with a enterprise email account for User 1. This individual makes use of the phone while onsite (field work). User 1 returns to the office, wipes email account/whatever saved data that is not required, and it is ready for User 2 to do the same.

    The email should not be an issue, simply changing the enterprise information, however would all BBM contacts be deleted, phone contacts, apps etc, when the email account is changed? I would like to only have the email changed, and all things else remain the same.

    I am new to BB (rocks btw), an old android user and want to confirm my research.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Look forward to your replys
    12-06-11 12:29 PM
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    I am not sure that this is possible, but it might be. Each device can have up to 10 email accounts on it. I am not sure how BES works, since I am on BIS. Can the BES be setup so that each account would need to enter a password to access their email? This way, you wouldn't need to wipe the device or delete anything when they return to the office/whatever.
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    12-06-11 05:58 PM
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    Thanks HF - I will look into that with our system admin. That would be perfect for our set up. The main thing would be to only swap the email - without loosing the BBM, and hopefully the contact list.

    12-07-11 01:18 PM
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    If your system admin can do that with the email, which they should be able to, you should be all set. The rest of the information should be able to remain on the device.
    12-07-11 03:34 PM