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    I have an 8830 and all I want to do is sync my blackberry calendar, tasks, and notes (the notes are critical...though email not needed) with *someplace* online where I can see and edit them and have the changes resynced back.

    I want the syncs and resyncs to happen automatically and wirelessly, just as they would if I was connected to an enterprise server - but I don't have access to any kind of enterprise server.

    Is there any service that would do this for free? If not, what is the least I can pay? Does Google Calendar sync notes and tasks, and would it otherwise be good for this? Or would Yahoo work? Thanks!
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    09-22-08 01:55 PM
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    I would suggest bberrysync.com as an option for what you want to accomplish.

    It will cost you a few bucks, but in the end it is worth it. The service is $6.99/month or $54.99/year.

    Give it a shot and report back here if you like it. I am sure a few more people are looking for a similar solution.
    09-22-08 02:48 PM
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    Blackberry Unite. do a search for it or go to the download section of the blackberry website to download it.

    it's 100% free and basically acts just like a Blackberry Enterprise Server. the only issue is that you must have your home computer on 24/7 as it becomes the actual server for the Unite service. if the "server" is off, all internet and email to your device stops.
    09-22-08 03:27 PM