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    I just played with my uncles iphone (his is all mac-ed out, computers, modem, modem, etc) and i was just purely amazed at all the apps and how creative that phone was. The point of this thread is to ask whether there are other crackberry addicts that are honestly upset with the blackberries lack of apps. I personably would be content with the BB if we could get a solid (and good looking) stock app, as well as a weather app. Im not really interested in games and other non-important stuff. But for a phone that is suppose to be business-oriented, shouldnt the BB come with a stock and weather application automatically on the home screen? Ive tried other apps before for stocks (market filter) and its no where near as innovative and attractive as the iphones.

    Furthermore, does anyone know why there are so few apps with the blackberries? i hear its because of "security issues"? Anyone care to elaborate?

    If RIM wishes to attract more consumers as opposed to businesses, shouldnt they add more apps?

    Does anyone on this forum (that cares to respond) not believe that apps are the future of phones and that we as blackberry users are getting left behind?

    I understand the app store is coming but i heard that there will be very few apps and that they will be very expensive? If this is true, why should a BB app cost $5 when a iphone app is either free or $1 (for the most part)

    Iphone 3.0 is coming and will solve many of the shortfalls of the iphone and silence many critics.

    I understand it may seem like i am bashing RIM, but i want to make it clear that i love my blackberry. The easiness and speed of a BB is unassailable. The looks and feel, along with the great keyboard (i have a bold) will always set it apart. However, with the iphone getting mms and copy and paste, i feel like we are getting left behind in the dust.

    I always felt like the smartphone race is a two way race between RIM and Apple, with Google closely behind. Many of my friends and family have iphones, and i want so bad to objectively have a better quality phone than them too.

    Let the iphone have all the silly game apps. But give us crackberry users standard apps that all new phones should have and i will be content.

    I apologize for the long rant ahead of time, i am just surrounded but iphone junkies and needed to get some thoughts of my mind. And crackberry is the place to do it.

    Now offense to anyone from SF-area, but i always got the feeling that Apple was a "smug" company (for anyone who watches southpark), which annoys me so much. Plus i have nothing but love for canadians. Toronto is the shi*!
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    i think apple has the benefit of having such a broad spectrum of users with itunes for distribution and it allows for an easier way to find things and apple controls quality of the apps to ensure they are good enough. and this makes people more comfortable to download more apps (free ones) personally yes i wish there were more BB apps and i think with the new gen BBs Bold,8900,storm. and soon to be released models we will surely see new video capable apps. and better running memory was apps. plus i think another draw back is there are so many BB models with different OS's so it is hard for developers t start creating apps and making them work. the storm in it's short release has already seen a lot of apps. i think as time goes by we shall begin to see a growth in apps. i too am a mac fan but not an iphone fan. have many friends who use them but they are not for me. my biggest drawback(besides available network) is that you cannot remove the battery when you need to and most ipods i have had usually had short very short battery lives and without being able to replace the battery on my own just bothers me. however my macbook is amazing and has an incredible battery

    anyways sorry for getting off topic. but i think it will begin to see more apps i think the biggest issue is varying os's and models unlike the single iphone.
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    To be honest, I am happy with the level of apps available for the Blackberry. Granted, there are more apps for the iPhone which is quite amazing considering the short period of time that the platform has been available compared to RIM.

    Personally I don't need a stock or weather app. That being said, have you tried Weather Bug or Weather Eye? One of them is free. For stocks, I believe you can add tickers into The Street's mobile app. I coukd be wrong but I remembering reading that you can also do the same using eTrade's app if you sign up for an account without commiting any momney

    I appreciate different people have needs. For me, it's email, web, and IM, all of which are either available out of the box or for free (in the case of Instango).

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    yea besides the novelty apps the iphone just seems to have 20 different apps for the same job where as RIM has 1 that does it right.
    03-18-09 02:27 AM
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    reaper i tend to agree with you on the pro-computer aspect of the mac and the pro-mobile phone aspect of RIM.

    The BB apps are ok, but they are no where nearly as innovative as the iphones.

    Thank you for the advice on the stock and weather apps, i have already tried a few of them.

    My problem with RIM is that they should have applications that come standard and are worked into the OS. Most Blackberries have data plans (espicially in the US, their biggest consumer base) and it seems very primitive that there are not weather and stock apps that come right when you buy the phone. Furthermore, i had to download google maps. It's not a problem for me to download, its the idea that i have to go out digging for apps that should already be on my phone!

    RIM makes such nice phones that i just dont understand how they havent fixed this yet!

    It's not hurting them in the short-run, but if they dont fix it, BB will soon be much less popular.

    Once Apple starts shelling out iphones on all carriers, RIM will lose marketshare, and then the stock gets hurt even more. Their job is to maximize stakeholders weatlh etc so you can see where this is going.

    With that said, i still love the berry. =)
    03-18-09 08:35 AM
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    I just read that until recently (now?), the iphone did not have cut/paste editing functions. Now that is backward!

    More apps might be nice but my 8830 is already crammed full with memory at a premium.
    03-18-09 09:10 AM