1. cbfan123's Avatar
    I just recently upgraded to an OS7 device. While in the process of setting it up, I placed my existing sim card in the 9810. I installed App Word and it prompted me to switch device to PIN (something along those lines) and I clicked OK.

    Now, switching back to my 9700, OS5, I went into App Word and it prompted me to switch PIN again and I clicked OK. Before I even put the sim card in the 9810, I backed up my BB contacts on to the SD card. I wasn't exactly sure how the PIN switch affects the phones, so I restored my BB contacts once I placed the sim card back into the 9700. It seemed to restore just fine but when I BBMed my brother, my phone said that he did not have me as a contact, so a BBM invite was sent out.

    Did I do a step incorrectly? Aren't the BBM contacts supposed be transferred pretty seamlessly without sending out invites again? Do I need to send a re-invites everytime I place switch BB devices around?
    03-24-12 11:05 AM
  2. cbfan123's Avatar

    Does anyone know if my swapping of the sim card between BB devices affect my bbm contacts where they will need to be invited as again?
    03-31-12 05:43 PM
  3. robsteve's Avatar
    I have found it hit and miss switching between phones and I have had similar problems. .There may be a delay for the BBID to switch the BBM info when you switch have phones. It needs to update your PIN in the system.
    03-31-12 08:14 PM