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    i currently have a Bold 9900 and am getting a torch in the next few days, my question is, when i swap out the sim card to the new phone will it carry over any information (apps, calendar events, email acounts) or will it be a factory set phone once i turn it on?
    09-13-11 06:33 PM
  2. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    You can store some minimal data on the SIM card such as contacts but, the answer is no. you need to make a backup using Blackberry desktop software.

    SIM cards are used to connect your "phone line" (number) to the carrier... the data you are talking about is stored in your device / memory card... OS is installed on the device itself and the apps / settings runs on it.
    09-13-11 06:37 PM
  3. SurlySays's Avatar
    ok good, i do not wish to take any information thats currently on the phone to my new one... i want a fresh start... is they're a way to download my contacts to my desktop so i can still have everyones phone number, or do i have to manually write them down?
    09-13-11 06:44 PM
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    You can backup your old blackberry's contact information with Desktop Manager. Just do a selective backup, and grab the contacts, then restore that into your new berry. If that isn't acceptable, then if you have outlook (not sure if it works with outlook express), then DM can sync your contact info into your address book and you can look it up from there. I know there are other options, but I've only used this one and haven't taken the time to research others.
    09-13-11 07:31 PM
  5. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    The first response told you your contacts are on the SIM card.
    No, i mean that the contacts can be copied to the SIM card, SIM card has memory for phone numbers, names and such... and also not so much ...
    But mostly the contacts are stored on the device memory.

    If you want to transfer the contacts you need to do it from your device.
    But what is more easy to do is to install Blackberry Desktop on your computer, connect your old device with a USB cable and make a backup.

    Then after you have your new device with your new sim card.. you can use that backup to copy contacts and stuff to your new device.
    09-13-11 08:44 PM
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    My contacts are on my SIM. I've had this card for six years.I started with it in a Razr, and have used it in every phone I've owned since 2005. I performed a device switch Saturday to my new 9900. Having said that, they've been on my SIM since day one.
    My first SIM based phone was my 8900. By default, with an empty SIM, I believe the blackberry will store all contact info in the contact database rather than the SIM since the DB can store a TON more info. Back then, I'd have desktop manager that would back that up for me. My SIM stored nothing. Now in the days of BlackBerry Protect, having to manually back that up is a non issue.

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    09-14-11 12:06 AM
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    WOW I have to say that everyone that bothered to answer the OPs thread about his SIM card was not only spot on in their answers but an actual meaningful thread that was good to read and see that people are learning more and know what they are talking about. Great job to all of you and I am NOT kissing up...
    09-14-11 12:16 PM