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    I did a search but didn't find anything similar to my question...

    I live in Canada, and when I went to the states last year I bought a pay as you go phone from Tracfone. It's a Samsung, just a dummy phone, not Android or anything. Now this summer i'll be going back to the states for 4 months and was wondering if I could take the SIM card out of the Samsung and put it in a Curve 9300 from Canada? Would the curve need to be unlocked? I know I wouldn't get data or anything, all I want is SMS really, and the ability to call people.

    03-12-12 08:12 PM
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    i would say 2 things to kinda answer your question...yes it would need to be unlocked to run on another network, and secondly contact virgin mobile and see what they say. they may have another option you dont know about. good luck
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    03-12-12 08:19 PM
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    Yes you will be able to unlock it as long as it has the same size SIM card. However, if you want the Internet service, you have to change the plan on the SIM to a BIS plan.
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    03-12-12 09:45 PM