1. -FlyingDucks-'s Avatar
    So what is Cellsnoop.....another Urban Legend?

    I've searched Crackberry. Nothing talks to this:

    No links allowed to thecellsnoop dot com (that's where it is).

    Scroll down to their FAQ at the bottom of the page. According to their Question Six: the spy ware does *NOT* need to be installed on the victims phone, only on the spy's phone.

    If it's so....there's a way to detect or block it's action. If it's a modern myth, and I suspect the latter, then let's label it for that.

    Urban Legend or new software tricks? Which anybody really know?
    11-07-10 01:37 AM
  2. Rootbrian's Avatar
    It's a hoax, a myth, an urban legend.

    Now avoid that site.

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    11-07-10 05:04 AM