1. Skormm's Avatar
    How much of a difference is there between signal strength on phones, can it be a big difference? Or is it usually just a minor difference?

    Right now I have a little Samsung flip phone, it usually says I'm at around 1 bar around my house, I still get pretty good call reception though.. So I'm not really that worried, BUT, do you guys (and girls of course!) think my signal will be stronger when I upgrade to the 8320 (or Bold)?

    Edit: I should mention that the little Samsung I have now is nothing fancy, it's just a little phone that came free with the plan.
    06-11-08 12:56 AM
  2. avt123's Avatar
    In my house I really didn't notice a difference in signal strength. Between the last two phones I had (Nextel i880 and LG Rumor), and now my bb they all seem the same.
    06-11-08 01:00 AM