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  1. 8900_801's Avatar
    I just got the replacement battery for my Dash in the mail today. My last one crapped out on me, (I'm assuming) since the phone no longer kept a charge so I bought this battery on eBay and didn't have a phone for a few days so I bought the Curve 8900. I was all gunho about how the curve will only be a little 10 dollar treat for me, (how much the tmobile store charged for restocking fees) and hopefully I will be able to have my trusty Dash fully charged and in working order again. But dammit... I'm liking my curve

    Heres to hoping my phone is internally broken and the battery isn't the fix for my Dash
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    05-16-09 02:54 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Hopefully the curve will work good enough for you to want to make the switch. If you need a little help you could just lay your dash in my driveway. I have no problem running it over with my suburban.
    05-16-09 03:01 PM
  3. 8900_801's Avatar
    hahaha.. thanks for the offer I'm sure that many users here would be willing to do that for me. I've never been involved with an online community that has such strong passion for a device!
    05-16-09 03:09 PM
  4. branden3112's Avatar
    That's CB for you! We're one million strong and growing everyday!
    05-16-09 03:17 PM
  5. Heresy's Avatar
    Honestly, I was only kidding. I suggest you use what works best for you. If it happens to be a blackberry then thats great, if not thats great too. The bottom line is how well a device fits your needs as a user. Give it a little time and read through the 101 lectures in the blogs and scroll through the tips section of the forums....lots of info that may help you decide. Good luck.
    05-16-09 03:17 PM
  6. 8900_801's Avatar
    Well I think the ONLY thing thats going against my complete undying love for my new phone is the apps. Dont get me wrong, its cool to have but paying 15 dollars a month extra to fully enjoy my phone makes me sad.
    05-16-09 03:34 PM
  7. TheSultan's Avatar
    Didn't you accidentally run the Dash over with your car??? TTHHEENNN you'd have to keep the Curve!
    05-16-09 03:36 PM
  8. magicpinkdrink's Avatar
    The curve 8900 is a nice BB. If I hadn't just gotten my pearl and locked into a 2 year contract with att I would be switching to tmobile and getting the 8900. I vote to keep it. Just out your old phone dangerously close to the sink or potty and then "help" it fall in lol.

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    05-16-09 09:10 PM
  9. CatAlex's Avatar
    Enjoy your 8900. I am sure will. It's such a swell handset.

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    05-16-09 09:51 PM