1. raverx3m's Avatar
    so i was digging thru the internet and havent foudn any info on how to delete shutter sound
    with exception of the berry annoying which is not what i was looking for
    i dont want to add more files to keep sound from playing.

    so i searched thru the .cod files
    and found a reference to CameraShutter.mid which would only make sense to be a refference to embedded shutter sound into the cod file.
    it is in the "net_rim_bb_camera.cod" file

    so the simple attempt to disable it would be to change letter in the reference
    to shuttee instead of shutter

    but i dotn know how to update this file back to the phone to test if it worked or not

    can anyone help me out with this one?
    i mean im not trying to be sneaky and take pictures of naked babies in changing stations but the shutter sound on curve is really GAY.
    02-05-09 01:46 AM
  2. raverx3m's Avatar
    ok so umm i downgraded to lower OS
    and now i get an error message saying
    net_rim_bb_camera.cod attempts to access a secure API.
    is that related to what i did above or something other?
    so the files are soemhow protected or what?
    02-05-09 03:19 AM
  3. Reed McLay's Avatar
    As you have acknowledged, the shutter sound is there to protect the privacy of people being photographed. It is legal requirement, and you can be sure the geeks at RIM have made sure a simple file edit will not defeat the protection.

    The sound is a focal plane shutter, captured from mechanical camera like we used back in the day.

    There is a third party app that will silence it, you can find it at the ShopCrackBerry software selection.
    02-05-09 10:43 AM
  4. raverx3m's Avatar
    lol ok then why is the shutter silenced when i set profile to "OFF"?
    how does that help privacy?
    u mean i can take upskirt pictures at the office meeting so i wouldnt interrupt anyone with my attempts?
    lol seriously
    there are cameras that are same size as cellphone these days and they are not required to have shutter sound
    02-05-09 02:19 PM
  5. tfp's Avatar
    Just tried settin the profile to 'off' and it still made a shutter sound.

    Its is easier to disguise takin a oic of someone if its a phone. You can pretend to be lookin through the phonebook or readin a msg or even move the phone around like you're tryin to find reception, while secretly takin pics of someone.

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    02-05-09 02:25 PM
  6. fonebrkr's Avatar
    Are you running java run time environment?
    02-05-09 02:25 PM
  7. raverx3m's Avatar
    maybe different OS or provider.
    02-05-09 04:10 PM
  8. raverx3m's Avatar
    well i cant get my camera to work anyway it gives me same error lol

    is there a way i can update just the camera file or do i have to wipe my phone out completely and reinstall evrything?
    02-05-09 04:11 PM
  9. fonebrkr's Avatar
    What I am asking is, do you have java run time environment running on the pc that you have the OS loaded on? or what did you use to get to the .wav file?
    02-05-09 04:30 PM
  10. raverx3m's Avatar
    no i just searched for files containing "camera" that got me to the camera.cod that contained 2 references to cameraShutter.mid.
    which are i know are MIDI file embedded in the cod itsself.
    since i scanned thur my C: drive for camera shutter.mid and found no other references to it.

    but now i cant load the original file back on the phone.
    02-05-09 08:10 PM
  11. fonebrkr's Avatar
    You'll need to rerun the .exe for the OS. Then do a load app
    With dm..

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    02-05-09 09:02 PM