1. jmgilliam's Avatar
    Got a question about shrinking my OS - I'm running the new OS 6 (.415 from Sprint)

    I've got confused reading different instructions on how to do this...

    I've got the OS (non shrunk) on my BB. I've read where people say use BBSAK to wipe, then re-add the shrunk OS.

    I've also read where it says app loader will wipe and re-load when using loader.exe with no need to wipe first.

    So - here I am with this OS on my BB and I've downloaded 2 shrink programs. So if I use app loader, I just shrink with one of the programs and then I can use app loader to load just like i did before and it will wipe then install the new shrunk OS?

    If I use BBSAK - I wipe, then shrink and install shrunk OS after BBSAK wipes it?
    01-23-11 11:30 PM
  2. Fret Madden's Avatar
    You can shrink the OS whenever you want, as long as it's shrunk before you load it you're good to go. And you don't need more than one program to shrink, once you've shrank out (removed) the parts of the OS you don't want you're left with what you DO want, so using another program would be useless.

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    01-24-11 12:27 AM