1. dkornaros's Avatar
    When I add an all day event, I want "Show time as:" to default to "Free", but it keeps defaulting to "Busy" and when I sync with Outlook 2003 it displays my entire day as being "busy". My old 7290 defaulted to "free" until I upgraded the device software. I once saw another 8700c which defaulted to "Free" but I can't remember what version of the calendar app it had. I'm currently running Will upgrading to 4.2 take care of this problem?
    08-07-07 11:54 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Unless I'm missing something, if you have an 'all day event', the system setting to busy would be right. I can't see you having an all day event and being free at the same time. It's just not logical - but, that's just my opinion...
    08-08-07 06:20 AM
  3. dkornaros's Avatar
    "all day Event" is the title of the check box in the blackberry calendar application. I don't think (although others may disagree) it accurately reflects what that box actually does and how the event shows up both on the blackberry and in Outlook (at least the way I use it). When I add an "all day event" (whether "show time as" is "busy" or "free") the event shows up at the top of the screen on "view day" mode as a non-timed event (an event without a start or end time, simply a title with a bullet point) which is great when you want to remind yourself to complete something on a specific day but which is not tied to a specific time of the day. Hence, I don't want Outlook to show my day as being booked and I don't want to have change the "Show time as" field from "busy" to "free" every time I want to add an event of this sort. I hope that explanation makes sense.
    08-08-07 07:54 PM
  4. dkornaros's Avatar
    In Outlook, the default for "show time as" for all day events is "free".
    08-08-07 08:09 PM
  5. dkornaros's Avatar
    Version 4.1 of the Device software defaults to "busy" for all Day events. I upgraded to version 4.2 and it solved the problem. This newest version matches the functionality in Outlook (2003).
    08-11-07 05:06 PM